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Bullpadel Ionic 24v Red / Black Shoes

Bullpadel Ionic 24v Red / Black Shoes

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The Bullpadel Ionic 24V, the latest innovation in the Bullpadel range of padel shoes, is designed to perfectly complement the Ionic rackets. Offering an exceptional balance between agility and cushioning, this shoe is equipped with the BPS rear stabilizer at the heart of its design. This device ensures optimal stability during dynamic movements, allowing players to push their limits with confidence on the court.

The Stitch Insole technology, combined with the Python midsole, reinforced with EVA rubber and textile, improves cushioning and comfort, ensuring a soft feel throughout the match. For increased protection, the Bullpadel Ionic features higher sides and toe protection.

The Flex Rift technology offers exceptional agility thanks to rubber-free channels in the sole, promoting optimal flexibility and freedom of movement.

The hybrid outsole, combining chevrons and micro-studs, offers maximum traction and grip, perfect for padel courts. The reinforced upper ensures increased abrasion resistance, while the Ortholite insole offers superior comfort.

The Bullpadel Ionic 24V shoes are not only stylish with their streetwear pattern and grey and red color scheme, but they are also designed to meet the demands of padel practice. With their integrated lacing system, heel cushioning for jump receptions, and reinforcement at the front and back for optimal durability and shock protection, these shoes offer the perfect balance of style, comfort, and performance on the court.

  • Bullpadel reference: 471275
  • Color: 006 Dark Grey


  • BRAND Bullpadel
    COULEURS Red, Gray
    GENDER Men
    MODELS Padel
    COMPOSITIONS Synthetic
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